Sustainable Policy

Sustainable Development Plan

It is our commitment to follow a philosophy of sustainability at all levels and involve everyone: shareholders, collaborators/employees (internal clients), external clients, suppliers, authorities and local communities. It is an ongoing commitment and it is always subject to improvements.
Commitment of the shareholders 
To support systematically all decisions and investments aiming at sustainability, promote training, humanitarian causes and culture.
Commitment of the collaborators/employees
All collaborators/employees can and must share, contribute with ideas, actions and behavior that contribute to the process of sustainable development.
Commitment of the external clients
It is our intention to gain our clients commitment in a natural and voluntary way through provided information – besides providing awareness, we want to invite them to be a part of the process, we know we have a lot to learn from our clients.
Commitment of the suppliers
We want our suppliers to formally commit with an active policy of reduction, reusing and recycling – we are very demanding regarding to packages, Styrofoam boxes and return policy of bottles and boxes.
Commitment of the authorities and local communities
Involve the authorities in the process of providing awareness to local communities about the concept of sustainability – promoting educational activities and awareness to a sustained and healthy lifestyle using resources they have, respecting the environment, ensuring the quality of life to future generations.
The sustainable development plan of Quinta do Furão is an integral part of the company’s global strategy and it is an important growth factor.
The Four Pillars Of Sustainability 
In Quinta Do Furão
Environmental Pillar
Located in a biosphere reserve and longtime identified as a nature destiny, our concern with environmental preservation is permanent. We commit to constant and systematic improvements aiming to reduce, in a significant way, the impact of our activity on the environment – reduced energy bills, we established a 3% rule which means we reduce this percentage every year on the consumption of gas, water and electricity – a goal sustained by constant assessments, recycling, biologic agriculture, composting, endemic gardens.
Social Pillar
It is our principle to fulfill scrupulously our labor commitments, a human resources policy immune to xenophobic phenomena, discrimination or child labor. The local community – through its cultural groups, artist, artisans – plays its equal role conducting our social policy, being invited, when possible, to partake on our activities.
Hygiene and safety at the workplace, for internal and external clients, is not neglected as we have the best specialists of the market as partners.
Training sessions in fields such as environment as well as other subjects relevant to the business is fundamental and transversal to all collaborators/employees.
Economic Pillar
We promote proximity economies – using as much as possible, suppliers from local communities – on an equal footing, we always prefer local raw material, as we believe that is what our guests wish.
Quality Pillar
Through our guest’s feedback assessments, we improve, take corrective measures, fine -tune procedures always aiming to a greater satisfaction of our clients.
Pedro Costa
General Manager
April 1st 2017
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